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American Dream TV – Selling Hampton Roads Virginia

Dan Lawson – TV Host and REALTOR®

American Dream TV is an Emmy nominated and Telly Award winning show about communities, lifestyles, cultures, activities, people, and real estate. As a TV host and REALTOR®, Dan Lawson will showcase different areas throughout Hampton Roads. He’ll interview business owners, celebrities, homeowners, and more. You’ll see Dan at festivals, concerts, and car shows. With each episode, Dan will showcase the people and communities that make Hampton Roads, Virginia a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Episode 4: Living in Suffolk, Virginia

Come along for the Ride as I show you what it’s like to live in Suffolk, Virginia. In this episode, I take you to one of my favorite local restaurants, Derl’z Restaurant & Pub. It’s a great local place see friends and eat a delicious meal. My favorite? Derl’z chicken salad sandwich! From there, I take you for a ride along Suffolk’s country roads and out to meet a new home builder, Brandon Simpson. Large homesites and quality work are some of the many great reasons to build in Suffolk with AB Homes. Living in Suffolk offers Southern charm and a great place to buy or build a home. Looking for a great place to live? You should take a look at Suffolk, VA.

Episode 3: Living in Chesapeake, Virginia

Dan takes you along for the ride with him as he explores Chesapeake, Virginia. He begins his segment at the BrickUniverse event at the Chesapeake Conference Center where he interviews nationally recognized brick builders, Jonathan Lopes and Rocco J. Buttliere. Dan shows off their works and discusses their passion for brick building. He also does a little building of his own! Next, Dan takes you on a tour of a home in the Oak Brooke neighborhood in Chesapeake with the hidden surprise of an indoor pool! Dan includes a peek at the Chesapeake Arboretum and aerial footage of the area. This segment features many things that make Chesapeake a great place to live.

Episode 2: Living in Isle of Wight County, Virginia

Dan Lawson takes you to the Isle of Wight County Fair. Dan talks to Danny Byrum, Chairman of the Isle of Wight County Fair, about the history of the fair and what it means to the community. Next, he rides the rides, plays games, feeds the animals, and tastes some traditional Fair food and drinks. He loves fresh-squeezed lemonade! As a motorcycle guy and car enthusiast, Dan just had to see Daniels Performance Group at the Fair. They take what’s old and rusty and make it beautiful again. Dan ends his segment touring a home for sale to show viewers why people love to call Isle of Wight County their home.

Episode 1: Living in Smithfield, Virginia

Dan Lawson’s first show segment features Smithfield, Virginia on American Dream TV. In this episode, Dan talks to the owners of Smithfield Station, Randy and Brian Pack, and he stops in for an ice cream cone at Smithfield Ice Cream Parlor. The show features the beautiful Pagan River the Windsor Castle Park.

Dan Lawson’s Promotional Reel

Check out Dan’s promotional reel for The American Dream TV – Selling Hampton Roads

Dan’s a REALTOR® and Television Host!

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